The Mortuary Assistant Night shift database
  • The Mortuary Assistant Night shift database.

    This database is a collection of all my findings related to the banishment of covetous demons, the history of the demonic, and the tools i have found through my research. Years of travel and piecing together whatever relics remain have been compiled here.

    THe navigation bar at the top right leads to the following subsections: history of the demonic, identifying demonic tenancy, sigils of demonic names, tools to combat demonic forces.

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    Path to banishment wiki:
    - embalm each body with the special reagent form the cabinet
    - use letting strips from the cabinet to attempt to reveal demonic sigils.
    - compare the found demonis sigils to the demon's names within the Nightshift database
    - build the mark to match the demon's name
    - pay attention to each body for demonic activity.
    - note that brining an already embalmed body back out to re-inspect for changes may be necessary
    - place the mark on the body believed to have demonic tenancy.
    - burn that body in the retort before possession takes hold.

    The Mortuary Assistant Identifying demonic tenancy wiki:

    While learning the name of the demonic entity is more about waiting, identifying which body is experiencing tenancy requires paying close attention. While any of the bodies can be manipulated, it is for easier for the entity to control its own vessel. Sudden movements, large or small, can be a sign of tenancy. If a body appears to be more active than others or strange marking start to appear it may be signs of demonic tenancy. However, the demon is trying its best to remain illusive and may manifest these manipulations on other bodies which is why it is important to take note of which body is experiencing these event. The more events linked to a specific body, the more events linked to a specific body, the more likely it is to be chosen vessel.

    The Mortuary Assistant Identifying wiki

    The appearance of new marking on the body. Sudden movements, large or small. Repeat movement (is one body more active than others). When a demonic entity is present, the vessel it is occupying may form marking may from marking not previously observed. Inspecting a body additional times is important to spotting these.

    A body with a demonic inhabitance may display sudden movements. These movements can be as small as a twitch of the finger or as large as full body manipulation.
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