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    With pass you can unlock character Roxy - is the youngest pf her siblings. She has three brothers, but she is the naughtiest of them all. No one can catch her when she slides. They always complete with Marty and can never beat each other.
    Marty - is the naughty boy of the neighborhood. THe movements he makes with his skateboard cannot be imitated by anyone else. THey always complete with Roxy but they can never beat each other.
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    Soza - she and her cat Lady Pisi have been best friends since birth and are inseparable. Lady Pisi joins Soza in every adventure she shares with her friends.
    Jayjay - is the fastest memeber of the mischief team. Nobody can run faster and bounce a baskerball than her. Her biggest wish is to become one of the best NBA players in the world in the future.
    Jaxmass - is the cold weather lover of the mischief team. Whenever it is snowing, he brings everyone together and they create new worlds in icy lands. He may seem cold at first sight, but he has the warmest heart.

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    Unlock characters:
    Roxy - 53DFTI3Jz
    Marty - g5KsLOPu3
    Soza - eZjIeO3Ib
    JayJay - fp2GRCl9T
    Jaxmass - GTV4LjMc1
    Torcon - acVnN3x26. Torcon is Norei's younger sister. She is quite clever and cunning. She discovers places that no one knows and goes anywhere unnoticed.
    Noei - 4kONK8GT9. He is the middle child of his family. He is responsible, disciplined and ambitious. His biggest dream is to become a famous chef like his grandfather and honor him.
    Mister - RD4R5Lphf. He is the technical genius of the mischief team. He loves to dismantle machines and create new inventions during his spare time. His biggest wish is to trun into a robot and fight against evil. He has bandages all over all the time, because is quite handful and injures himself by mistace.
    Pasha - URmUhNIoK. He is the big brother and protector of the mischief team. He always supports his friends and tries to prevent them to get in trouble.
    Dream of Legends code

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    Dream of Legends cheats
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    Dream of Legends cheat

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    Use pass and unlock legendary heroes:
    Little Ninon - She is like a fire just like her flaming red hair. All small fires happened in the neighbourhood comes from her mischief. Her friends loves her, but on the other hand everyone is scared to contradict her.
    Lily - She is the sweet witch of the mischief team. She is interested ancient times and supernatura powers. Her biggest wish is to become a with and have special powers one day.
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