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    The enemy is here, let's show them who's boss. Buy cards to recruit more soldiers to your army. Ranged soldiers are safer in the back. Upgrade your soldiers by combining them. Tap on the battlefield to call for reinforcements. Iron templar - will protect and help shield allies. Shield guard - raises his shield to protect those in need. The territory feature is locked. Complete campaign level 16 to unlock it or use pass.
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    In this application, you will have to collect troops around the world. In order to resist the Lord of Chaos, who has taken over the entire planet. Destroy opponents and get chests, opening which you get cards for which you can improve soldiers, heroes. You can also combine 2 identical units on the battlefield into one more powerful.

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    With each level, the opponents become more difficult, so do not forget to enter passwords - letter cheats. Which will allow you to complete the game in a short time and unlock a lot of heroes that will increase your army strength. To improve the characters, you will need gold and cards. the higher the level, the more gold and cards you will need to improve. Gradually, as you progress through the game, new modes will open up to you. Arena - you can defeat other real opponents, getting trophies, gold, crystals, chests. By entering passwords, you can increase the characteristics of the character you like.
    Pocket Battles code

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    Pocket Battles cheat
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