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    Control the crosshair and aim it at the enemy. Some devils in Hell will become severely wounded when their HP falls below a certain threshold. When a devil is severely wounded, you may execute it. Tap the execute button to quickly finish it off. You fit well into this battle armor. Remember, imps will never die. You may choose to dismiss them when you don't need them.
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    You have come to hell and embarked on an adventure. Don't worry, at least the situation will not be worse than it is now. The devils in the Gluttonous Furnace area are weaker. You can explore around here first. The lord of Gluttony rules over one of the 7 regions of hell. It is along Hell's border, so there are less devils here. A good place to push yourself beyond your limits. WHile this place may have the fewest devils in hell, one can never be too careful.

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    In some stages, you may need to shoot a switch to activate the mechanism. Observe your surroundings. Find the switch and shoot it to activate the mechanism. You have obtained a new weapon! Tap and hold the radial weapon menu and slide to your desired weapon to use it. Long press and drag to the arrow to switch weapons. I didn't expect you to meet the imps so soon. Imps will faithfully follow their master. They will be of some help. Imps can help you loot health potions and ammo from the ground. They also grant you buffs, stats, and deal some damage. They are reliable and helpful companions. As such you may just concentrate on the battle.
    Devil War code

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    Devil War cheat

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    Some stages will provide you with some supplies. Pick up the supplies to reload your ammo.
    Seems like you have already met with the Devil Merchant. That's Karl, and he only cares about money. THe situation is different now, through. Since you two have met, he'll give me the coordinates of the hell arena. You'll need to investigate the clues of the lord of Gluttony over there. THe next battle will be difficult. I suggest you turn on conquest mode and claim some equipments.
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