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Dream Island code
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    A large, calm island has suffered from a natural disaster that will occur once in a millennium. An earthquake occurred in the ocean, which caused a huge tsunami that washed everything off the island. What will happen to this island now? Will you be able to take control of the restoration of the island? Are there any special signs on the island? I think there's a boundary marker.

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    Tap cubes next to Balloons to break them! Clear all the balloons before you run out of moves. Great! Click on this item to see what it dose. Tap connected items to make a powerful explosion! Quests - you can find your to-do list here. Your wooden house seems to have been broken down, let's rebuild it. Click the level button to continue through the level. It's a beautiful wooden house, but in order to avoid the quests having no place to stay when they come, it is better to build another croissant hut.

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    You can restore buildings by completing various tasks and getting stars. The more stars you get, the more buildings, decorations you can buy. And the faster you will restore the former appearance of the island. The essence of the game is to collect identical objects of the same color. Sometimes you can collect more powerful combinations of items that can facilitate the passage of the level and remove some items from the board.
    Complete tasks and get stars, change the appearance of staff and islands, get unique prizes and visit other islands in search of artifacts and amazing and rare things that will give you additional income.
    Dream Island code

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    Dream Island cheats
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    Dream Island cheat

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    Recruit cartridges: cartridges are used to acquire new fighters. Consume 20 super cartridges to earn a super tier fighter. Consume 50 elite cartridges to earn an elite or promoted super tier fighter. Consume a special cartridges to choose an elite fighter from one of four randomly drawn options. Each elite cartridge used progresses the bar towards the prize. Must achieve VIP level 5 to unlock.

    City market - spend gems or use cheat Dream Island code to purchase a variety of items. Featured items are new each day so check back often. Standard items are always available to be purchased once a day. Featured items are new each day so check back often.

    Relic coins can be spent to purchase elite tier fighters. Each week different fighters will be available for purchase. Relic coins can be found as rewards from special events, vip rewards, and for purchase in bundles at the gem shop.

    Loot-o-matic hack - star coins are used at the loot o matic to earn a variety of prizes. Each prize is randomly drawn and comes in a green, blue, or purple prize ball which signifies the prize quality. Obtain star coins through the city market, weekly quests, and the globe shop.
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