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    Welcome, commander, let me introduce you to the operation of the battle. Choose a route to advance and defeat the enemy leader to win. Click on the stronghold to challenge now. In battle, we need to place suitable soldiers to defeat the enemy. Let's place the soldiers first. CLick on the ground in the highlighted area to place an infantry. Every time a soldier is put into battle, the corresponding supplies and population will be consumed. Soldiers cannot be placed due to lack of supplies or full population. Characters will auto combat after starting the battle.

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    After the battle is won, all heroes who did not play will automatically recover 15% health. Now continue to tap the stronghold to challenge. It's important to arrange troops and array. and match heroes reasonably. In this level, we try to use front and rear row formation to defeat enemies. Infantry is a basic melee unit, suitable for placing in the front row to attract fire. Archer is a basic long range unit, suitable for placing in the back row to attack. The number of infantry that can go into battle is already 0, and we can go into battle with other troops.

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    Spearman is a melee unit with a longer attack distance, which can be output together with infantry. Now come to free array to challenge the boss. There are provisions left for more soldiers, use them up and start fighting again. You have opened the summon system. Enter the summon system and have a look. Giant shield - soldiers are strong soldiers selected from experienced warriors who carry heavy giant shields that can effectively defend against enemy damage. They are often placed in the front of the army to attract enemy's firepower. The role they play is not that of an attacking unit, but that of a shelter for the attacking unit. Before the battle starts, we can choose holy relics hack to strengthen our troops. Archer - when there are multiple enemies within the attack range, the archer can fire 3 arrows that cause 60% damage. Giant shield - giant shield soldiers are reduced by 40%.
    SuperCommander code

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    Epic hero Zeus - places a lightning zone that moves forward, dealing damage to enemies within the range every 2 seconds, cooldown for 30 seconds. Zeus's great move can kill a bunch of small soldiers every second.
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