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    God messenger, our village have been repeatedly robbed by the Wolf tribe, we can no longer resist. Please unleash your power to protect us. The Wolf tribe was terrified by the loud gunshot and fled. But gun is out of bullets now. God messenger, we will follow you firmly. Please let us honor you as our chieftain and serve you as same as the God. Let me first walk you through our tribe. The Fort is the core building of the tribe. Please repair it first.

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    The warehouse can store and protect resources. Please repair before getting resources. Let's cultivate our own farmland to harvest crops. Remove weeds first to get some food for cultivation. Resources are enough. Please cultivate the farmland in the opening. Now we have our own food sources. People offer up gifts as good wishes. Please weed the land in front of the city walls to clear obstacles and receive a few resources. Weeds were removed. Please build walls to protect our tribe.

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    We found a group of marauders ready to attack us when we repair the walls. If you want to defeat them forever, you should build up our strength. Building a heroes' Altar maybe a good way. It's said God messenger can summon the souls of heroes for driving with summon stones. Now we can fight the enemies outside the tribe.
    Please upgrade first the Fort, which sets the max level, before other buildings. Now let's learn about the defense. Our tribe has just settled down and got numerous wars ahead. Please build a recruitment post to grow our army. Train the recruited warriors to develop their military skills. To enter the Dark valley ruins outside the city, you need to beat its guards. Please get your army ready first.
    Age of Evolution code

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    - Second construction slot, efficient planning are important ways to speed up urban construction.
    - Helping allies, research, cooperation can all strengthen the alliance.
    - Capture more pyramids to gain more benefits.
    - Join the alliance to study the second scientific and technological route and gain more benefits.
    - Strengthen your commander through home defense.
    - Remember to scout the enemy in advance and restrain the enemy in the lineup.

    I will set up healing portals along your journey for rest and treating lightly injured soldiers.
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