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    Welcome to this world of islands. You are lucky that your soul was chosen by this land. It used to be a prosperous planet, and then the magic tide erupted, the sea water flooded, and the creatures mutated. Now, mankind is on the brink of extinction. You are the warrior sent by God to guide us. Lead the surviving humans to live. There is an axe ahead, collect some branches. Let's build a campfire. With a bonfire, there will be a steady stream of survivors here to rest. At night, the light of the campfire can resist the shadow monsters. The task system is open, go to collect the rewards.

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    Use the 'go' button in the task board to automatically navigate to the task location. After the tool is damaged, the tool bench can be used to make the tool. Now go to build it. You can get more materials to build your hime by opening the plot. Well done, get more gold coins to open more wild plots. Your tool bench has been built! Now, using it to produce an axe! Later, you can made your own tools. Upgrading the hall level will increase your troop capacity limit. You have become proficient in using the processing bench.

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    With a house, you can recruit villagers and produce gold coins. The recruited villagers cna be viewed in the house. At night, there may be shadow monsters. Let's build a light to drive out the shadow monsters. Every night, monsters come to destroy the tribe. Survivor, can you help me? You need to pay attention to the attribute bar at all times to ensure your health. Use gift pass, you have to rely on yourself in the future, go eat it.
    Survivor Island code

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