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    You start your game surrounded by your feline siblings. You are going on a little journey in search of food. But suddenly a lot of insurmountable obstacles appear on your way, you slip and fall down. When you wake up, you find yourself alone. Press B to Meow. Hold A to chain Jumps. It's dangerous in the Dead city, but you seem like you know how to handle yourself. let's get out of here. Backpack was designed for small quadrupeds like you. Is this uncomfortable for you? Don't worry, you'll get used to it. I've digized the key and stored it in the backpack.

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    If you're ever curious about an object, you can show it to me. We need to get our of this apartment. Let's try the main door. I should be able to get it open. That elevator in the distance. That's important i think. I know we need to go up. This elevator isn't operational. Everyone knows that it is impossible to leave this place. Well. except the outsiders. But they're all gone now. Except Momo. You can try to talk to him if you want, but he gave up on trying to leave. It's for the best. He lives high up in that building with the orange neon sign.

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    Don't hesitate to call me anytime. I'm here to help. The guardian told us to talk to Momo up in the big building with the orange neon sign. He's the only lead we've got for getting out of here. We must go outside at any cost. We must protect our brothers and sisters. We must stay away from Zurks. It's signed Clementine, Zbaltzar, Doc and Momo. It look like Momo's name was added later. I think we should fond the other. Momo gave us his notebook, so let's find the other three. It'll help us find informations on the outside. We have to look in the abandoned flats of the area. You should be able to see them all from the rooftops. Look for an Outsider logo.
    A New Cat Adventure code

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    An outsider notebook - it's the same logo as the one Momo gave us. This one seems to belong to someone named Clementine. To find it, use password.
    Clementine notebook: "everything is going according to plan, we managed to contact the upper level before the transceiver went down. They are i a place called Midtown and apparently it's controlled by some kind of oppressive force. "
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