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    Enemy's siege tower is here! Command your heroes and prepare for battle. From the following 3 heroes, choose 1 to deploy. The 2 remaining heroes will disappear. Expand siege tower to deploy more heroes. Refresh hero list to show another 3 heroes. Deploy a second hero. Select a deployed hero to upgrade the hero's level and power. Night archer - deals 100% ATK DMG to up to 5 targets and inflicts slow of 20%. In the last battle, you did brilliantly. You are quite a summoner yourself.

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    Now, let's keep the momentum going. Tap PVP to start a battle. Tap quick match to find your next opponent. Fire mage can ignite targets to deal sustained damage. Deploy her now. Dark mage have a 100% critical on ignited targets, is a perfect partner for fire mage in battle. With 2 mages already in the team , deploy lightning mage to activate 3 mage's passive skill. Lightning mage's passive skill can instantly power up your team by increasing everyone attack speed. Tap the activated buff icon to see more info.

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    Ice mage - deals 100% ATK DMG to targets within range and inflicts slow of 20%. Gest 1 silver per second. Witch doctor - restores HP by 200% ATK. When 3 priests are deployed, reflects 30% DMG, priests' healing effect + 100%. Queen - deals 100% ATK DMG to all target and knocks them back. When no class related passive skill is triggered, all allies' crit. rate +100%, crit DMG +1000%. Lee - Deals 100% ATK DMG to a single target. For every -1% IN SIEGE TOWER'S HP, KARATEKA'S ATK + 5%, ATK SPD + 5%. Medusa has a 100% critical rate on sled and stunned targets. When centurion is deployed together with another 2 warriors, the 3 warrior passive skill will be triggered.
    Tower Brawl code

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    Tower Brawl cheat
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