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    Drag your city isle to the target location. You've never been one to take part in tedious and boring training like this. Of course, you wouldn't be allowed to participate anyway given your current level of abilities. I mean, you're more suited to training that tests your brainpower, like the 'arduous' work of salvaging supplies. You should go ahead and put mortar in the city isle. Aurora Bay has a training plan tailored specially for hard working students like you. For each mission you complete, you'll receive a corresponding reward.

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    There are many ways to make your city isle stronger other than completing missions. FOr instance, you can upgrade buildings and recruit immortals. The temple is where offerings are made to Gnosis, the God of light. The people can communicate with the God to gain the gift of light. Locris is one of the most important trading posts in Aurora Bay. If the Vagrant Pirates capture it, the consequences will be unimaginable. Powerful enemies are found all throughout Septsea. You will not be able to defeat the darkness and bring back the light without getting stronger. Training an army is one of the quickest ways to increase your city isle's power. Please give the order to start training some melee infantry.

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    Training soldiers takes time. You can use speed boost items to shorten the duration. Hero menu - here you can increase the power of all our immortals. Use pass and increase level, star rating and skill. Enhance the usefulness of your immortals. When an immortals is upgraded, all of their base attributes are increased. Before going into battle, you can move our city isle to a spot opposing the enemy's formation. Adjusting our position according to the enemy's building layout will facilitate swifter victory for us. The left side of the enemy's city isle is not protected by cannon towers, so try planning your path of attack accordingly.
    King of Septsea code

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    King of Septsea cheat
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