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    I had a happy family. My father is the mayor of a city. Under his management, the city is well organized and the people live an work in peace. However, with the birth of time machine, the world is in the midst of war. In order to protect our city, our home, my father had to start organizing an armed force, becoming a commander from a mayor. My father's efforts were not in vain, and our city came in the war. At least until i was ten years old. On that day, my sister and i were happily welcoming my father home. The air defense alarm suddenly rang...

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    Starting at fighter jets approaching the door and the large number of missiles that were launched, my father was desperate and yelled at me: take your sister and run. I took my sister to run all the way finally hid a bomb shelter and survived. My father came out to organize citizens to take refuge, and sacrificed himself in the airstrike. Recalling this, i put away the broken family portait. In order to let my father rest in peace, my sister and i decided to defend our homeland and entered the military school to study. Finally without blurring, after more than ten years, i will reunite with my sister again in the hometown after the war.

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    Please follow the secretary to march to your hometown, then swear in as the new commander. Just before we are going to arrive, there comes alarming from the hometown. Most of the city has been taken by unknown troop, come to save us now. After some hard work, the hometown has finally recovered from the serious war damage, but my sister was taken away by a secret army. Since then, her whereabouts have been unknown. To prevent the secret forces from attacking again, we must build our own troops. Furthemore,we need to construct a stronger base. I also need to improve my commanding ability. Building more aircrafts are the most direct way to improve combat power, if you want to resist foreign enemies or conquere the world, you need a huge army to achieve your ambitions goals. As the level of the fighter factory increases, the production speed of each unlocked fighters will increase, and adds more prosperity. You need to upgrade the fighter factory to unlock high quality fighters before they can be produced.
    Battle of Empire code

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    In the production page, the commander can choose to manufacture different types of fighters. The production requirements of each fighter are different. The higher the quality of the fighters, the more resources are required and the longer the production time.

    There are four types of aircrafts, namely electronic aircraft, helicopters, fighters, bombers. Four kinds of aircrafts have different attacking methods, and restrain each other. High quality aircraft alos have unique auras, which can add attributes to their own troops in battle. Detailed aircraft information can be viewed by clicking on the aircraft at the airport.

    Manufactured aircraft are displayed in the airport at the main base page, and some high quality aircrafts are displayed in the fighter base building.

    In the wild you can build mines or use Battle of Empire cheat codes to collect resources. Resources production increases as mine level increases. Construction sites for iron mines, copper mines and oil wells are commonly shared, and buildings on the occupied sites can be demolished to re-use and build other mines, but the demolished buildings will not be compensated.

    As the level of the command center increases, the number of available construction sites for 3 kind of mine will gradually increase, up to 35.

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