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    Black Desert Mobile is a free fantasy adaptation of Black Desert Online . Uncover the secrets of the Ancients by following the Black Spirit. The game includes fast battles, monster hunting, farming, resource gathering, pet taming and fishing. Check out the tips for passing and using Black Desert Mobile passwords to gain advantage in the game.

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    Collect Resources:
    This is the main task of the user. Collect everything that comes in your way, cut down forests, extract minerals in mines, collect herbs. Believe me, all the resources will be useful for the main character to pass. Complete tasks to get a large amount of resources as a reward. As soon as you have the 5th skill level, send workers for a 4-hour resource extraction.

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    Thanks to resources, we create equipment, potions with the help of craft skills. You can also trade resources. If the workers are free, send them to help create items. The required amount of food and the time required to complete each task depend on the class of the worker. Below are the crafting-related buildings in your camp.

    Level Up Quickly
    A quick way to strengthen your character is to quickly increase the level and characteristics. Enter cheats, codes, go through the plot, completing tasks and defeating enemies. Do not forget to sell unnecessary goods and buy crystals, potions of treatment.
    Black Desert Mobile code

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    Get a pet
    Having a pet is useful, as these furry little creatures will pick up items that monsters throw after death, and they have an additional bonus to the character's skills - he will receive additional characteristics. In Black Desert Mobile, you can have three pets and a horse, they are pumped independently of each other. Get pets by completing tasks by buying them at the Pearl Store for silver or by clicking a button in the hacking panel.

    Perform Daily Actions
    A great way to make rapid progress is to log in daily and complete three daily Black Spirit tasks, daily event and action tasks. Check the Talisha store for items sold for Silver and Black Bells, check the Accessories section in the Add-Ons category in search of rare accessories.

    Join a Guild, meet other players and become part of a community that helps each other. Join the Node War, which will give the guild the opportunity to participate in large-scale PvP battles with other guilds for the possession of nodes. The victory will give the right to own the node for 7 days. Nodes allow players to invest points in bonuses and the ability to process resources.
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