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    Hello! I am robot operator to help you with your game. In this session, will install the parts to fight enemies and learn how to operate using the parts menu. We've got information that enemies are approaching in front. We will confront by installing weapon parts. Rifle - it's a basic weapon to attack distant enemy. Zoom out to make it easier to find our enemies approaching from afar. Enemies are approaching. If enemies approach within the range of the weapon, it automatically fires and a battle take place. Defeated the first enemy. Let's learn how to confront if the enemy approaches from the rear.

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    Machine gun - it attacks near distance enemy by high rate of fire and intercepts approaching projectile. Let's move it to a more advantageous position for the range and install it. Even though the battle is over, you need to maintain the parts to prepare for further battles. Let's repair first. If the HP of the parts is low, HP can be recovered by repair menu. The upgrade increases the overall performance of the parts. Unneeded parts can be removed by demolition. A portion of the installation cost will be refunded when demolished.

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    In this session, we will explain how to attack during combat. Physical defense reduces strike damage as much as a number, or ricochets bullets. We will use pass and install a rocket launcher that is effective against enemies with high physical defense. Due to the shock wave generated when it explodes, explosive damage ignores some of the physical defense and inflicts damage. So it's effective against enemies within high physical defense. The enemy has near perfect physical defense. Bullets for kinetic damage can not be an opponent. These enemies must be dealt with energy weapons. Let's install a laser. It fires laser beam, ignores defense armor. Energy damage weapons ignore physical defense and inflict damage. On the contrary, it less effect by energy defense.
    Metal Heart code

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    Metal Heart cheats
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    Metal Heart cheat

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    It's night. Enemies can't be seen well and you can miss the target. Let's install the observation radar to increase the attack accuracy rate. Observation rader - it in creases the accuracy rate by discovering hidden enemy.
    Remember, each machine has a skill. It will help a lot if you use it for proper situation. Shield energy is automatically regenerated, but you can use the ultra fast charging function in urgent situation. When carrying out missions, you may be dealt damage due to severe environments. We will train to prepare for this situation. Many parts suffer great damage by fire. Let's install a fire extinguisher, which is one of defense parts, to fight a fire.

    Block must be installed on the machine to proceed of the stage. The use of tactic skills can overcome the crisis situation that occurs during combat. Crews are put into combat and prove their various ability. You need to board on the parts and get some combat experience for the level up.
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