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    Once upon a time, there were a lot of people in this world. A lot of lifes. But now the world has changed. And people are turning into zombies. Professor Lee started his research to make the vaccine for this zombie virus. And he had invented it. But unfortunately zombies entered his laboratory, and he was killed and turned into a zombie. But the world needs this vaccine. Now, we are sending you and your team member Hossen to the last city. You have to enter that building nad cross the other floors to get the vaccine formula from the laboratory.

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    Remember, Hossen will keep sending you instructions from the rooftop of the building. And there's a lot of walking dead bodies out there. Those zombies are nothing but dead bodies you know, they will not be able to do anything of us. Hey what have you done! All zombies are going towards you, Find the package and leave the building soon. For every zombie you kill, you get money. Money is needed to buy weapons and ammunition for them. Remember that ammo runs out very quickly, and they are expensive. Try to shoot in the head, then the zombies die with one shot or use the passwords from our website for endless ammo, money and premium weapons that kill with one shot.

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    You can also enable additional modes that diversify the passage. For example, multiplayer, now you can fight four against a whole crowd of monsters. Complete the mission together and get unique weapon parts. These parts are installed on the weapon and increase its characteristics: rate of fire, range, increase the magazine and increase damage against monsters. You can open the survival mode, where you will have to choose weapons and practice shooting at an endless stream of opponents.
    Land of Zombies code

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    Land of Zombies cheats
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    Land of Zombies cheat
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