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    How's it going, man? It's dangerous around here. You seem lie a good guy, maybe we should stick together. Great, let's do some business! Take one of my boys with you. Now, get out there and find something. You're better off avoid the locals. Use main skills. The second and third skills need time to reload. No bad for a beginner. Damn, you found an artifact! They give your heroes more power. So, let's see how your new artifact fits.

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    Collection - you can manage all your heroes here. So, the last thing i can do is show you how to make friends in times like these. Use pass and enter summon x10. Not so hard, right? I think you'll be fine. Maybe i'll show you a couple more things later. Don't get yourself killed by any sadistic film critics, political agitators, or crazy Kanye East adepts or whatever. ANd remember champions must be at the maximum level for their rank to be able to upgrade their rank.

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    All you have to do is run through the corridors and kill opponents. Earn crystals, coins and summon new heroes, if you're lucky, the legendary one will fall out. The legendary hero is distinguished by increased characteristics and unique skills. If you want to open all the characters, just enter the password from the list below. You can also get money, crystals, open new locations and mods. However, we warn you, the game can get boring right away. Although it doesn't have much functionality anyway.
    Arena Heroes code

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    Arena Heroes cheats
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    Arena Heroes cheat
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