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    This is a story of no ordinary adventure of an ordinary mercenary group. Although lended up wandering around with this shabby look, i once was a successor of a prestigious family. Before my father committed a high treason. Anyway, before that darn ' day of the eclipse', i was a young master who has never even picked my own clothes. My only concern in my life was, what excuse should i give to ship swordsmanship class? Those were the golden days of my life. No one tells me what to do, and i don't have to worry about saving face.
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    Also, the pay of a mercenary is pretty satisfying, although the job is quite troublesome. I would work once i use up all my money, but for now, let me get some rest. Mercenary detail - you can check the story and ability of the mercenary here. Tap the recruit button to make a contract. As you progress through the story, acquire soul stones and contract with new mercenaries. Let's start writing down the story of our adventure. The first day as an official mercenary group. We headed to Roterdam to look for a new job. Mercenaries on the continent visit the tavern of the Night goddess to get a job or the see the master's beauty. However, the way to Roterdam was not so easy...

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    In Battle press deploy to place mercenaries. Reposition them by dragging. Tap the equip all button to equip the gear. Gear can only be equipped when it has the same rank as the character rank. Once you equip all the gears of the current rank, you cna proceed with mercenary rank up. Once you rank up hero, their basic stats significantly increase. Don't forget to equip your unit with the right gear.Acquire more mercenary gears as you progress through the adventure.
    BraveNine Story code

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    BraveNine Story cheat

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    Fill in the story of mercenary group through the adventure book.

    Diamonds - Jewel that is of high value and is mainly used for special transactions. Just owning a little makes you feel happy.

    Knight training school withdrawal form - you can get a glimpse of his loyalty to the captain.

    Rune stone - runes carved into stones have a special mana. It awakens the owner's special ability.
    Mana stone - a stone with condensed mana. It always supplies mana to the owner to remain strong.
    Merc star badge - a star badge that shows the strength of a mercenary. It is stictly managed by Foxy.
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