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    First, summon a unit. Summoning units requires mana. Summon more units. Units deployed on the battlefield will summon warriors tot he fight when a new wave is starting. Mana is awarded for passing each cut off on the timeline. Spend some mana now to increase mana generation at each cut off. You get mana go every defeated warrior. Your warriors are no match for the enemy onslaught. Summon a few more units. Merge two units of the same type. As you can see, the results are random.
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    Summon 6 more units. Merge all your units with each other. Eight units of the first rank have merged into one unit of the fought rank. A warrior summoned by such a unit is strong, but hits weaker than the eight warriors of the first merge rank. When merging up to the second rank, the power of the warriors is retained. From the third rank onwards, some power is lost, but some units summon more warriors.

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    You need more power, but you only have enough mana to summon one unit. It's more profitable to spend mana on upgrading units to increase damage. Upgrade archers and prepare for the next wave of battle. The upgrade extends to cover the warriors appearing with the next wave. Time to test yourself in battle against the real enemy! Summon units and destroy the enemy tower. Upgrade your units and mana generation to defeat your enemy. To defeat your enemy you need to destroy his tower. When a tower has 1/3 health left, a guardian appears on the battlefield. It is a mighty warrior who can hold his ground for some time.
    Epic Royale code

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    Epic Royale cheat

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    When the tower has a third of its health left, a guardian is summoned to possibly turn the tide of the battle.
    Mirror - can copy any unit of the same merge rank. THe resulting copy has reduced stats. Does not summon warriors onto the battlefield. Khungan - a ranged combat warrior with medium movement speed. During attack, places a mark on the target. After four marks placed by any Khungan, the target is destroyed instantly. Does not work against guardians or towers.

    Magma spirit - a close combat warrior with medium movement speed. If there are 1/4/7 magma spirits, they gain increased damage and attack speed. The damage and range of the ability is also increased in the enhanced form. Slug - a very slow warrior that doesn't attack enemies. Damage dealt to it cannot exceed 2. Periodically loses health.
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