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    Welcome to the G-league! This is humanity's heaven, the advent of a new home. Only i can rescue you from this infernal hell of zombie swarms. So let is work together, and usher in a new order unto this world! The apples for the big guy are almost gone, he will lose control. When will we get to that abandoned industrial base? If this map os correct, it's nearby. It is said that there is a full set of zombie conversion equipment, he will be guaranteed to be obedient.
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    THis batch of Agent-G we found is really amazing, even a zombie monster of this size can be handled. Using cards costs Rage, which is automatically replenished. Tap a card to use. It will cost 3 rage. Tap the specified position to summon units, which will auto attack enemies. THe closer we get to the factory, the more zombies there are. Don't let down your guard. I see the front gate of the factory! It's not far ahead. CLick on the ground to move the troll. This will consume 1 movement.

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    Boss, we made it to the base. Starting the reconstruction work immediately. There's something shiny there. It must be worth a lot of money. It's condensed energy. We can use it to power up the command center. Now we can continue searching the base. There should be other goodies. It seems you're getting good at exploring the base. Important matters like fixing up the base are all listed on this to-do list. Don't forget to claim your mission reward. I'm going to leave the base's exploration up to you now. You can check your mission list if you're not sure what to do next.
    Zombie Boss code

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    Zombie Boss cheats
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    Zombie Boss cheat

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    We cna build a hero club here and recruit more heroes to help us develop our base.

    Hero list:
    Mimi - among the professor's experimental subjects. Mimi is the most unique. SHe not only retained her intelligence and medical knowledge, but alos avoided the hair loss that plagues the vast majority of zombies.

    Mason - position: melee attack. Swiftly charges forward, dealing damage to nearby enemies at the destination.

    There are monsters everywhere out there, but high risk menas high reward. The agent-g for converting big guy is ready, let's start right away. To clear the stage, send units to destroy the obstacles or use cheat codes for hack menu.
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