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    We obsessed over old grudges, repeating our tragic past. Hatred thrived, growing stronger. We struggled for victory, ignorant of the chaos to come. Darkness has fallen. The end is nigh. We are in grave danger. How do we fight destiny? Darkness has shrouded the land of Tamaris. You are the warrior spoken of in prophecy. The fate of the real lies in your hands. Please select a faction: springwardens - protect nature, let life bloom. League of order - retake the sacred lands. As darkness threatens the World tree, the children of the forest swear to protect nature with their lives. With the light as their guide, they will return to the sacred lands of Atheran. Wilderburg - none may defy the will of the conqueror. Wilderburg's warriors value strength and honor, and vow to use the power of dragons to conquer Tamaris.
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    In the beginning, Tamaris was a tranquil paradise. We were blessed with nature's bounty, and in the Mistglade we made our home. As the sons and daughters of Arbon, God of the FOrest, we were nurtured by the World tree. For generations, we protected nature, and lived in peace and harmony. Until one day...Fire rained from the sly, and the enemy arose from the darkness, as prophecy foretold. An ice-cold shadow is approaching the world tree, and the land is falling into chaos. The forest is beginning to wither. My lord, nature is in peril! Protect it with all your might! The ancient prophecy has come to pass. A dark shadow is trying to taint the world tree's radiance. I will do my utmost to aid you, and to defend the forest against its enemies. At the moment, our sight is impaired buy a mysterious mist. We must learn to protect ourselves before disaster can strike.

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    Building a lumber mill will provide us with the resources we need. Next, give the order to strengthen our wall. The wall protects our city, as strong and unyielding as the most ancient of trees. We are much safer now. We need to train more soldiers. Soon, they will be the arrow with which we pierce the darkness. While out on patrol, we came under attack from a dragon, and then we were trapped in the Mist. It took many days of wandering before i found you. Before you set out, please, come with me to the altar and take an artifact. Please, send a scout into the mist. We must learn more.
    Call of Dragons code

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    THe Sacred hall is the heart of our city. It nourishes and sustains us, as roots to a tree. With every quest we complete, the world tree's revival comes closer. One day, life will bloom eternally across the land. My Lord, we can now produce gold! Gold is Tamaris's common currency, crucial to building our city and training our forces.

    Events and prizes:
    To bring you an even better gaming experience, we've prepared these cheats, codes and events:
    - road to glory: enter the magical land of Tamaris. Complete 5 quests and gain a new hero (Kregg);
    - throne of power: build your power within 7 days after servers open to gain ge,m rewards. The players with the highest power will win an epic artifact (codex of prophecy).
    - Heeding the call: play together with old fiends, or find new ones in a brand new world! Build your alliance membership to win gem rewards - the more members, the bigger your reward.
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