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    You won the tournament! it looks like you can get fabulous items from the free capsule draw. Let's go give it a try! Get a 4 star parts exchange ticket as a bonus item. I still havent't introduced myself, have i? I'm cheat-on, a member of Soukai High school's Gunpa club. Let's give it our all as friendsand rivals. This is this Gundam shop's owner, Ono! He helps out our Gundam club all the time . Let's check out the beginner's guide he gave you when we get back to your room. In Gundam battles, simple controls and skills let you experience intense action! Enjoy exhilarating battles using a Gundam of your very own making.
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    Looks like you took a shinin' to that present i gave ya. That beginner's guide is packed with tips and tricks. But don't just take my world for it, keep on readin'! First, start by gradding some parts, and try building a few Gundams. You got some capsule prizes from the tournament, yeah? Then what're you waiting for? The guide says we have to tap hero. There's a guide for the capsule prizes, too. There are Ai pilot capsules, which give AI pilot parts. To get more capsule prizes, you'll need to use the special in-game currency they call haro chips. Except for friend capsules. Ya don't need haro chips for them you use friend points (FP) instead. So get some points and try it out for yourself.

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    According to the guide, you should tap the Gundam on desk to start building. Lemme teach you about the features in this room. You can access the gift box, friends, and notices from the smartphone in here. We can talk about the other features next time. Next, the bottom right menu. You can access home, shop, and other from there. Controls help will let ya practice everything you've learned till now. Lemme clue ya in on the supply stash. All ya gotta do is tap it to get yourself a free gift! But ya only get two a day, so don't miss out! Maybe we should check out Gundam abilities in the beginner's guide before we dive it to assembling our own. I'm sure it'll be a big help. This here's a quick and gritty note on Gundam abilities. Compbat power represents your hero's overall strength. Building in high CPWR will set you on the path to victory. Next, the other parameters. Armor is a character's health. higher armor means a Gundam that's harder to destroy. SOme people think of it as HP. Melee attack and shot attack represent your attack power. Conversely, melee defense and shot defense represent how much damage your Gundam can shrug off.
    Gundam breaker mobile code

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    Gundam breaker mobile cheat

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    Heroes use either beam or physical weapons. Resistance of these types is called beam resist and physical resist, respectively. Moving right alone, EX skills are skills you can bust out in missions. Think of them like active skills. On other hand, skills that operate all the time are called part traits. That's pretty much it. Experience is the best teacher.

    Remember the points below as you build your own original Gundam:
    Part traits are passive effects of parts that greatly influence the performance of Gundams. It’s a good idea to arrange attributes, Job Licenses, weapon attributes, etc. in order to meet the requirements for part traits.

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    EX Skills are powerful techniques that Gundams can activate during battle.In addition to dealing heavy damage, EX Skills can apply buffs and debuffs or heal you and your allies, and can greatly change the tide of battle.A Gundam can have up to three EX Skills,so it’s most efficient to build a Gundam that has three parts with EX Skills and five parts with part traits (+AI Pilot).If you’re using a custom skin, setting three EX Skills on your custom skin will allow you to put part traits on all nine of your main parts.

    There are always two types of word tags set to each part and AI Pilot. Activate them to greatly increase the parameters of your Gundam. In order to activate a word tag, your Gundam must equip at least five parts with the same word tag. A Gundam can activate a maximum of three word tags, so it’s a good idea to use parts with matching word tags.
    When using a sub slot, unlocked through a 6★-or-higher tune-up, you can swap a word tag on that part with a word tag from the part equipped to the sub slot. With 7★ parts and cheat codes, you can also swap the word tags of parts that have the same name but different attributes.
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