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  • Gundam breaker Tune Up wiki

    Tuning up parts and AI Pilots will raise their rarity and unlock their maximum Part Lv, allowing for further strengthening.
    Upgrade materials can be obtained from Daily Missions and as event rewards

    One Mark slot will be unlocked per rarity level reached by tuning up from a part’s base rarity.
    *We plan to continuously release parts which can be tuned up to 7★.
    For a list of the Gunplas and AI Pilots which may currently be tuned up, please check Notices.

    Equip Marks wiki

    Equipping Marks to parts and AI Pilots will greatly increase the parameters of your Gunpla.
    Part Marks can be obtained from Builders Training and as event rewards.
    AI Marks are received randomly from AI Mark Capsule Tickets obtained in 3-on-3 Arena matches.

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    Alter wiki

    Altering parts and AI Pilots can grant them additional part traits and strengthen the power of their EX Skills while maintaining the same Lv and rarity.
    Alteration Tools can be obtained from the Battle Circuit and as event rewards.

    Increase Your Part Trait Lv/EX Skill Lv
    By fusing multiples of the same part together, you can increase the Part Trait Lv and EX Skill Lv of that part and grant it even stronger effects.
    In addition to fusing parts with each other, you can also increase their level by setting them in the Growth Hangar or fusing them with specialized items like Upgrade Pincers or Upgrade CPUs.

    Equip Bonus Traits wiki

    Equipping bonus traits to parts will let you activate special passive effects separate from part traits.
    You can get bonus traits alongside 4★-or-higher parts inside capsules, or by using specialized items called trait codes

    Gundam breaker mobile Upgrade Your Gunpla wiki:

    Upgrade Your Gunpla Even Further. If you're having trouble winning, don't just upgrade parts. Try upgrading your Gunpla and your squad to stand up against stronger enemies

    Equipping Gear will increase parameters and unlock special actions. You can create Gear with Blueprints. Higher-level Gear Blueprints can be unlocked by increasing the grade.

    Upgrade Your Frame:
    Gunplas equipped with Lv 80-or-higher parts that sortie for missions can obtain Expert Points at a fixed rate. Your equipped Gear effects will increase even further depending on your earned Expert Points and completed collections. Upgrade Custom Abilities
    When activating a Limit Burst (a skill that may be activated once the Job Gauge of a Gunpla with a Job License other than All-Rounder is completely filled), you can also activate up to three more abilities of your choosing along with the standard effect. Spend Ability Upgrade Materials, obtainable in the Crew Shop, to make these abilities even stronger.

    Gundam breaker mobile wiki: Upgrade Your Operator Base

    Setting your operator base when you sortie for missions with your squad will give huge support effects during battles that increase parameters. You can also receive bonuses to your results in 3-on-3 Arena matches by upgrading specified operator bases.

    Set Sub Slots:
    Tuning up parts to 6★ or higher will unlock a sub slot.Equipping another part to a sub slot will increase parameters depending on the upgrade state of the equipped part. You can also exchange word tags, part traits, and EX Skills to make an even stronger build.

    Upgrade Attribute Links:
    Having a part you want to upgrade and a part of the same name but different attribute will activate an Attribute Link effect, which will increase the damage you deal and lower the damage you receive.
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