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    ■Story Missions
    Clear Story Missions to unlock Free Missions.
    Other content will also become available as you progress through the story.
    ■Free Missions
    There are Normal, Hard, and Very Hard–level Free Missions. Clearing all the Free Missions for a difficulty level will allow you to try your hand at the missions of the next level.
    Very Hard–level Free Missions drop Job Gear Pieces, which are Blueprint Materials required for creating Job Gear.

    ■Daily Missions
    These missions can give you various materials.
    Daily Missions may be played once a day without spending EN. You may also use Daily Tickets to play Daily Missions without spending EN.
    ■Event Missions
    Event Missions can give you new Gunpla parts and upgrade materials.
    Boosted Gunplas are set for each event, so equipping specific parts when sortieing will yield even more rewards.

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    Multi-missions are taken on with other players.
    In addition to dropping special pattern-colored Blueprint Material paint, multi-missions can also be played to obtain CP required for increasing your Crew Rank.
    PvP content where you battle other players’ Gunplas.
    In addition to receiving daily rewards based on your current rank/league, you will also receive fabulous rewards based on your final ranking at the end of an Arena.
    Arena Daily rewards Ranking Rewards
    1on1 ・Haro Chips
    ・Arena Coins (*) ・Haro Chips
    ・Upgrade materials
    3on3 ・Haro Chips
    ・Arena Coins (*)
    ・AI Mark Capsule Ticket ・Haro Chips
    ・AI Mark Capsule Ticket
    *Arena Coins can be exchanged for Arena-only Gunplas, Tune-Up Materials, AI Mark Tune-Up Materials, and more.

    ■Battle Circuit
    Extremely challenging content where you race to see how many missions you can complete within the time limit.
    Depending on your record, you may receive fabulous rewards such as Alteration Tools (a material needed to alter parts) or Growth Hangar Tickets, which may be used in the Growth Hangar.

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    ■Custom Coloring
    Deck out the Gunpla you’ve built in whatever colors you like.
    ■Custom Skins
    Register your favorite combination of parts to change the appearance of your Gunpla to your liking.
    While attacking or using EX Skills, attributes will automatically change to those of the custom skin.

    Gundam breaker mobile wiki: Favorite Gunpla

    Find Your Favorite Gunpla
    ■Photo Studio/Gallery
    Take pictures of your Gunpla in various situations and share them in-game or through social media.
    ■Mission Creation
    Content that lets you create your own original missions.
    You can register your Gunplas as enemies and set your preferred stage and battle rules.
    Community content that can be played with other players.
    You can buy Word Gear Blueprint Materials at the Crew Shop, get 4★ Part Exchange Ticket Fragments from Daily Crew Missions, and participate in other crew-only events.
    ■Friend Battles
    Have 1-on-1 battles with your friends’ Gunplas that have been registered for expeditions
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