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  • Gundam breaker mobile Loadout wiki.

    A feature that allows you call up a Gunpla build you have registered.
    You can register your Gunpla’s name, parts, job license, EX Skills, colors, emblems, gear, and skin to a loadout.At first, you can only register 10, but you will be able to register more as you increase your loadout limit.

    Filter/Sort wiki
    ・The Basics
    Filterable by favorites, number owned, part trait and EX Skill buffs, Marks (selectable), rarity, and scale.

    When the Owned filter is on, only parts that you have two or more of will be shown.
    When the Owned Max filter is on, only parts with maxed part traits or EX Skill upgrades will be shown.
    When the Owned P/T/S filter is on, only parts with two or more attributes will be shown.

    Filterable by attributes and part types, melee weapons, ranged weapons, weapon types, Job Licenses, and word tags.

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    When filtering for more than two specified word tags, you can select “Or Search,” which will show parts that have one or more of the specified word tags, or “And Search,” which will only show parts possessing all the specified word tags.

    ・Ex Skills
    Filterable by EX Skill category, type, piercing rank, and power rank.

    ・Part Traits
    Filterable by activation condition, effect when activated and Bonus Traits.

    Filterable by each part’s series.

    The display order of each search can be changed to ascending or descending order.

    Gundam breaker mobile Favorites/Locking wiki:

    You can lock parts, Gear, and skins as Favorites to prevent them from being sold.
    ■Setting Favorites
    ①Tap and hold the Parts/Gear/Skins icon.
    ②Tap the ★ mark on the Details screen.
    ③Select Favorite type.

    ■Removing Favorites
    ①Tap and hold the Parts/Gear/Skins icon.
    ②Tap the ★ mark on the Details screen.
    ③Select Remove Favorite.

    ■Quick Favorites/Remove Favorites
    ①Tap the Parts/Gear/Skins icon in the top right.
    ②Select the type of Favorite.

    ■Setting/Removing Favorites in Bulk

    ①Tap Parts/Gear/Skins on the Held Parts list screen.
    ②Select the type of part you want to set from Favorite Type in the bottom right of the screen.
    ③Tap the Favorite Settings button at the bottom of the screen.

    Gundam breaker mobile Gunpla List wiki

    Gunpla List
    A list of the Gunplas you’ve built.
    Form a Squad to do missions and sortie in 3-on-3 battles

    Online Entry wiki
    Registering a Gunpla for Online Entry lets your friends or other players use them as Relief units. You can also register Gunplas as Invaders in missions.
    The parts used in your registered Gunplas are copies, so there’s no problem using them in other Gunplas.
    ■How to Set
    – Select “Change Online Entry” from your Profile.
    – Select Online Entry from the list on the Gunpla Build screen.

    ■Rewards wiki
    You can get Friend Points at your next login based on the number of times your Relief Gunpla was used

    Free Build tutorial
    Build Gunplas without worrying about overlapping parts.
    You can sortie alone in 1-on-1 battles and in multi-missions, but you cannot form Squads
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