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    Attack with your basic skill. Use Toph's advanced skill to hit all enemies. Use skills to increase focus. Spend focus to perform team combos. Hold on skills to see more information. For example, flame streak (cooldown 2 turns) - common fire to deal damage to all enemies. 35% chance to grant increased ATK to each ally for 1 turn. Whirling strike - deal a blast of air to one enemy, decreasing their turn bar by 25%. Tap on enemies the change your target.
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    Use the travel action to send your team to the Node. Claim rewards for completing interactions. Heroes gain unique bonuses based on their position. Hold on battle position symbols to see their bonus effects. Hold and drag each hero to adjust their position. Hold on any character or portrait in battle to see their stats and effects. Fire element makes the enemy take more damage. Each supporting ally in a team combo inflicts their element. Offense type beasts mind type beats defense type. Hold on each requirement to view more information.

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    You'll need to acquire many heroes to experience them all. Check the requirements tab when selecting a team. TO adventure successfully, you'll need to keep your teams strong. Upgrade heroes to increase their power. Drag the slider to use training scrolls. Use ascension items to increase your maximum level. Preview the materials needed for each hero's ascension here. Complete missions daily and earn rewards. Each hero can equip 3 different types of equipment. Arts grant bonus stats and unique effects when matching pieces of the same set. SUpports increase the base stats of a hero, or entire teams when placed in the support slot. Relics give heroes unique passive effects in battle.
    Avatar Generations code

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    Avatar Generations cheats
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    Avatar Generations cheat

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    Build your own unique equipment combinations to suit your playstyle.
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