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    Where is this place? I was definitely with my servant a little while age. Oh! It's a monster! I don't have time to think. Automatically attack when stopped. Hmm... what the hell is going on? I don't feel good. I think it's hard to get out of here alone, so i'll have to summon a servant. Let's summon a servant: Legolas, Shadow, Winter. Valkyrie - throws a javelin that divided into three directions enemies hit. Shadow - Fires 3 arrows that deals wind damage. Analysis of their battle paterns has been completed. Watch out for the spider web.
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    You can use gold for various growths. Berserker - swing a sword in front range and delas earth damage. Winter - throws a bouncing shuriken that deals cold damage. Death green - summon a slow debuff circle that deals earth damage. Red - fires 3 straight shots that deals fire damage.
    I just met you! I have something to tell you, so follow me! Come on! This is the resting place for us who follow the master! I'll give you a simple guide. Companion list: this is the place to check each Servant's information. Battle power - this is a bonus power. You can get it by getting a new Servant. You can grow by strengthening your Servants. Thanks for listening! We'll be with master no matter what!

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    Use passwords to speed up the passage of the game. enter alphabetic characters from our website and get x10 acceleration of the gameplay. You can also get chests with resources, gold, crystals, legendary companions, artifacts, equipment and much more. Legendary companions have special skills and enhanced characteristics. It is better to have a team of all legendary characters to make it easier to kill bosses and collect more loot from each mission. Get special offers absolutely free and without downloading programs. Try out the premium account and exclusive features of the game.
    Growth Hero code

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    Growth Hero cheats
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    Growth Hero cheat
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