Hack Clash of Gods Infinity War cheat code
Clash of Gods Infinity War code
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    First - i was born to the blade at an early age. I learned the way of the Viking on many raids with my father. Along the west coast of Abingdon, i became a legend, praised by my people and feared by my enemies. Last winter, i felt the call of Lord Odin, i come to Roskilde to provide i belong at the All-father's side in Valhalla.
    Second - amongst my people, we believe only the strongest survive. I had only seen 15 winters when i passed the rite of passage by slaying a cave bear. My reputation has preceded me. Some say i seek fame and fortune. Others say i am in exile for my hideous crimes. In truth, i come for Ragnarok - the end of days. I come for Glory!
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    Third - royal blood may run through my veins, but in my heart, i am a warrior and champion. Forsaking my father's throne, i travel to the three realms to prove my worth to the Ancient - not by birthright, but by the might of my axe and the courage in my heart.

    Tap the main icon at the top right corner to progress through the main storyline. Battle: issue orders on the troop formation. Our enemy has a paltry army. We should align to the center and face them head on! Tap and drag your troops to change their stating position. Certain combinations of effect can make a huge impact in battle. It's important to time the deployment of your skills as you gain morale.

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    You can get a lot of essence form the goblin hunt even and the higher your power, the more essence you'll receive. When your morale bar reaches the required level, tap ancient's icon. Tap the skill button to activate the ancient's power. Archers' Bullseys specialty deals a lot of damage, but it only activates on their first attack when facing infantry's bleed specialty. There are three different types of units in yoru army. Infantry have bleed, cavalry have charge, arches have Bullseye. There are strengths and weaknesses for each unit. Cavalry fear the infantry's bleed. Infantry units fear bullseye from the archers. Archers are vulnerable to the charge of a skilled cavalry. Directing your strong units to face an opponent's weaker units will ensure swift victory.
    Clash of Gods Infinity War code

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    Clash of Gods Infinity War cheat

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    Transfer can be used to move over an ancient's rune level without any loss.

    Runes can further increase the stats of your ancients. The falcon rune can be used to improve an ancient's intelligence and vitality.

    Infantry troops deal continuous damage when enemy troops enter its spear range.
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