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    ■Selecting Relief Gunplas
    You can bring Relief units on any single player mission besides story missions. Gunplas other players have registered for Expeditions can appear as Relief units. Pay attention to CPWR and job licenses when choosing a Relief unit.

    ■Friend Points
    Taking Relief Gunplas on missions nets you Friend Points at the end of the mission.
    The amount of points received depends on your relationship with the user that set up the Relief Gunpla. Using Relief units from users you follow increases the amount of points you receive, so be proactive in following users.

    Users whose Relief units are used also get Friend Points.

    (Note: Restarting a mission or using a Skip Ticket alters the amount of points received.)

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    What players see during battle.

    (1) Menu: Open the battle menu.
    (2) Time Limit: Time left in the mission.
    (3) Auto/Semi-Auto/Hybrid/Manual Toggle: Switch between control styles.
    – Auto: Movement and attacks are done automatically.
    – Semi-Auto: Attacks are done automatically, but EX Skills will not be used.
    – Manual: The player controls a Gunpla themselves. Allies fight in Auto mode.
    – Hybrid: The player controls a Gunpla themselves like in Manual mode, but allies fight in Semi-Auto mode, and won’t automatically use EX Skills.
    (4) Clear Conditions: Displays what is required to clear the mission.
    (5) Your Gunpla: The player’s Gunpla.
    (6) Enemy Gunpla: The opponent’s Gunpla.
    (7) Escort/Relief Unit/Partner: A Gunpla acting as your ally.
    (8) Target Cursor: Displays above the targeted Gunpla.
    (9) Control Area: The area with control commands.

    ■Your Gunpla’s Gauges wiki

    (1) Armor Gauge: Displays your Gunpla’s Armor.
    (2) Remaining Ammo: Displays the remaining ammo of your ranged weapon. You have to reload when you run out, preventing you from shooting for a set period. When the gauge turns red, you’ll have to reload after the next shot.
    (3) Vernier Gauge: Consumed when stepping or engaging in high-speed movement. When this is used up, the Gunpla overheats. This prevents you from stepping or using high-speed movement for a set period.

    ■Target Cursor wiki

    The shape of the cursor lets you know if you are at an optimal firing distance.
    The color also shows how favorable your Gunpla’s attribute is compared to the enemy.
    Blue = Player Advantage; Red = Enemy Advantage

    Gundam breaker mobile Control Area wiki:

    Control Area

    (1) Go Button: Automatically move toward the targeted enemy Gunpla.
    (2) Stay Button: Stay where you are.
    (3) Shot Button: Good when you have a ranged weapon equipped. Press to unleash a long-range attack. Middle Shooters and Long Shooters can hold the button for a special shot.
    (4) Guard Button: Good when you have a shield equipped. Pressing this lets you guard. For In-Fighters or Supporters, this turns into a Charge button, which charges the Job Gauge quickly when pressed.
    (5) Skill Button: Activates the set EX Skill. There are two types of buttons: one that displays remaining ammo, and one that doesn’t. When the former runs out of ammo, you cannot use it again for some time.
    (6) Target Button: Switch between targets.
    (7) Ally Shift Button: Change the Gunpla you’re controlling to one of the others in your squad. You can tap your ally’s Gunpla or HP bar to switch to them.
     You can switch to operating Ally Gunpla you have built, and Relief Gunpla in Daily Crew Missions.
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