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    dragonguard android, ios hack

    A thousand years ago, demon lord Orkrus and his army terrorized the continent of Obram. The mighty dragons rose against the demons and led other races of Obram into war. After brutal battles and blood shed, the dragons finally managed to seal Orkrus in the Saint Mark.
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    However, the seal weaken overtime...With the seal finally broken, the demons and the darkness once again threaten the continent of Obram. The Dragon guard's prophecy stated, ' The start of Darkness shall be silent, but will suddenly equpt in its evil wake.' Obram is peaceful right now, but i worry that disaster could strike.

    Have you heard about the beautiful elves dragonguard? The chief of the elves had a very beautiful daughter who loved to sing in the forest. One day, a human hero walked into the fores and heard the Elven princess sing. He immediately fell in love with her and soon, she fell in love with him too. The princess dragonguard wanted to live with her loved one forever, so she went to the shaman within her village and asked for a draught that would turn her human.

    But when she went to wait at the place they had promised to meet, he didn't show up. Worried for his life, she mustered up the courage to venture out of the forest into the world the man belonged to.

    She wandered about the world dragonguard then gave up. However, she couldn't return to the Elven forest, so she set home here.

    Feel the strength by wings and get elemental bosts. Wing upgrade requires Angel feathers and golds. You can complete more difficult quests by forming a team with other players.

    The transformation draught dragonguard is a mysterious draught that changes your appearance for a while and bestows a set attribute. Using a transformation draught can increase your movement speed or attack.

    Equipment dragonguard includes weapons, costumes, and accessories. Equipping good items not only increases your battle stats, but defensive ability as well, so it's extremely important when it comes to battles.

    The power of the wings dragonguard isn't limited to what just saw. The power that the god bestowed on you is unimaginably great. Your wings will become more powerful as you do. Click on the folden wings icon on the screen and you will see while wings attach onto your body. These wings increase your attack and defense as well as giving you the ability to fly.

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