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    Here is a new application in which you have to choose a team of warriors who will fight with opponents on different continents. The battle takes place by selecting the skills of the characters, then everything happens automatically. The winner is the team with higher stats and more powerful skills.
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    Skills can be used using action points. Action points are restored at each round or you can use passwords for an infinite number. Also, by entering the keys, you can unlock all the legendary characters with exclusive skills that will allow you to complete the game as far as possible. You can also unlock new mods: dungeons, bosses, passing mode with friends.

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    Codes help unlock new characters or increase the characteristics of existing ones. You can also unlock new continents that are still under development. Increase the amount of resources from the developer panel: crystals, gold, runes, artifacts and much more. Create your own titles, skins, rooms.
    Tales of Xtalnia code

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    Tales of Xtalnia cheats
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    Tales of Xtalnia cheat

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    Zira - born in the blood moon guild, Zira was raised as a thief. SHe possesses the power of shadow and was one of the best hired hands. When the demon lord expanded his realm the blood moon guild joined the dark army. Felt unright, Zira did not want her guild to be under influence of Lozardus so she challenged the guild leader. Unmatched in the battle, Zira lost but her agility helped her escape before punishment. Since then she wandered as a rogue but still wanted to rejoin her guild and help them out of the dark lord's control. SHe heard of the power of Kristal and tried to collect them to enhance her power and finish the dark lord for the good of her friends and her own.
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    Arden - was the chief of the Emerald leaf tribe inhabiting the bloomhill Grove, east of Kristalnia. Arden is wise and fair, he ruled the tribe peacefully with the power of nature. Althrough away from civilization, the danger is still near. Gronko, the mighty centaur and leader of the Spike hoof clan, kneeled to the demon lord and took orders to collect Kristal in bloomhill Grove. The group of centaurs invaded Emerald leaf village. Arden and his men fought bravely and drove away the centaurs. Afraid of being invaded again, Arden was on his journey for more powerful Kristals to protect his village.
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    Thea - is a daughter of Lugus the Archbishop of Lorechester stronghold, south of Kristalnia. Grew as a priestess, Thea was a beloved of people. She learned the power of light and used it to take care of those in need. When the demon lord awoke, his power corrupted some people's minds including Kenrith, the king of Lorechester. He ordered his armies to collect Kristal in nearby lands, as a result, the war had begun. The cities around Lorechester revolted against Kenrith . In only a few month, the Lorechester stronghold became a ruin. However, the mad king Kenrith still guarded the ruin with his corrupted mind soldiers.

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