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    Zoom in to see everything up close. Great! Now move the camera around and take a good look at the map. Yellow - these are your objectives. Let's make sure the town has everything it needs. Let's start by building a railroad. Choose where the railroad will begin. Than choose where the railroad will end. Confirm that you want to build this railroad. Send workers to the lumber yard. Now wait for them to make lumber. You can speed time up if you want. Now that the lumber is ready, send it back to the town. You can hide the interface to get a better view of the level.
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    The trains collided - this is a serious problem. Let's fix it. Demolish the crates first. You can demolish unneeded railroads as well as obstacles. You can now repair locomotives. Switch to railroad building mode. Connect the railroads. Great! All you have to do now is send people to the sawmill. You can always stop the train if you need to, then either expand it or send it on its way. It's pretty common for the town to need a few resources. Tap to see a list of all the resources it needs.

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    Now let's process the lumber into boards. Build a sawmill. Connect the lumber yard to the sawmill. Switch back to control mode. Move the arrows for the next train. Deploy the lumber carrying train. Its path is determined by the arrows on the railroad. Now connect the town and the sawmill with a railroad. Move the arrow to order the workers to go to the sawmill. To end the level, deliver these resources to the town in the order indicated. You can always stop time and give orders, then start time back up again. Complete as many secondary objectives as possible to earn more stars.
    Train Valley 2 code

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    Train Valley 2 cheat
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