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    Preliminary research: in order for paranormal investigators to determine if a location is truly haunted, they often start by spending a significant amount of time research the case. Learning about what might have happened at the location is key to making corroborations on any potential evidence found later on.

    On site investigation: most investigators feel several overnight visits are required to determine the type of paranormal activity present. Establishing multiple data points over numerous nights allows investigators to determine any rational explanations for the perceived haunt as well as any sold evidence of the supernatural.
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    Hours of post investigation work are required for every hour spent on location. Most investigations believe the extensive amounts of work they have invested is absolutely worth it if paranormal activity is found. Generally investigators are fueled by curiously and intrigue from an unexplained experience of their past.

    Our investigation process:

    When we arrive on site, our first goal is to use our passive tools. These help us gain an understanding of the property and allow our investigators to zero in on where a ghost may be haunting within the site.

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    Our achieve tools will then be used to collect any indisputable evidence. However, active tools may be needed at any moment because spirits can be unpredictable. The investigation will conclude after we obtain suitable evidence. We will then provide our clients with a report of our findings. If a follow up visit is needed, we are only a phone call away.

    The passive tools:
    Flashlight - a trusty battery operated flashlight. Because we prefer to investigate at night in the dark, this is our primary means of light.
    Tem sensor - a handheld sensor for detecting cold spots. After an instigator has found a cold spot and determined its boundary, they will update the notes in their investigation journal. All locations have natural fluctuations in temperature, so it's key to take a baseline reading. Based on the user's preference, temperature units can be changed from F to C.
    Conrad Stevenson's Paranormal P.I. code

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    EMF meter - a meter for detecting elevated electromagnetic field (EMF) levels. Because every electronic device emits electromagnetic waves, it's imperative to take notice of the home's devices and not jump to any conclusions. Once an investigator has found an EMF anomaly and spent an adequate amount of time reviewing it, they will update the notes in their investigation journal.
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