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    Boss, please manage your assets before completing story stages! Clearing story stages allows you to increase your rank and unlock more features. The higher the total leadership of your followers, the better you can train your subordinates and the more EXP you gain. You can spend EXP to train characters and increate various attributes. Affairs - this shows the affairs to handle while this shows the method of handling it. I believe that under your great leadership, our alliance will be able to expand rapidly. Use affairs order to handle extra affairs.
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    Insufficient items - you can get it through the following ways: achievements, recharge rewards, use pass, store. Let's take the first step in dominating the street. Take them all down. Battle prepare - here display the overall strength of both sides, number of member risk prediction and victory rewards. Display your current position, click the start button to start challenge, you can also click quick attack to complete the battle. Battle, top bar - here display the overall strength of both sides, number of member, risk prediction and victory rewards. Leaders who find the level battles too long, please tap this button to skip the battle animation and get the reward directly.

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    Diamonds - shiny diamonds are one of the rarest treasures. Output: palace, leaderboard, achievement, task, daily sign-in, monthly card, yearly card, task rewards, crusade. Remember, you can use fame to punish tribute captives. Click respect to pay respects to players on the list, and the players who have received respects will return the favor with presents. Participate in the Yakuza trial to get great rewards after clearing the arena. You need to appoint followers first before participating in the trial. Tap to appoint a follower to fight. Followers with different talent will bring different talent bonus. After appointment, the follower's strength talent will be converted into high CE.
    Yakuza Endeavor code

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    Yakuza Endeavor cheats
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    Yakuza Endeavor cheat

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    After follower training is over, heroes can obtain an amount of EXP. Click dispatch to schedule the follower you chose for training. You can expand the number of sandbags to allow more followers to undergo training. You can also go to your friend's training ground to train your own or their followers.
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