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    The harsh winter destroyed our home. We came to this land searching for a new one, but now we are ambushed by monsters and our people are separated in the chaos. We need to regroup and find our people as soon as possible. There's a clearing over there so we might as well set up a camp and spend the night. We just lost our resources during the battle. Send people around to see if they can collect valuable resources. Food can be obtained from gathering berries. Lumber - from sawmills. Now that we've settled the people's accommodations, let's start working on the heroes. Build chief's hall.
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    Oh no! The animals are frightened! It seems that there is danger approaching! Whatever it is, we must not let the people get hurt. Quick, build some barricares to stop them. THe light will always vanquish darkness. Get the troop light up their torches and patrol the camp tonight. Since we're just starting out, we could use more people. Let's see if we can recruit some from the clan camp. The camp conducts regular recruitment. Many are eager to contribute to the tribe. I wonder how many more threats lie hidden in the FOg, waiting for an opportunity to strike. We must first gain a foothold in this land, then save our people.

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    Let's pour our efforts into developing the territory and expand our power. Clearing an area not only opens up more space, but you may also be surprised by what you find. Many people are injured from fierce battles and need to be treated as soon as possible. Tap heal pass. We must train more troops to be prepared for wars that could break out at any time. The expansion order grants a second construction queu for 2 days. Use it to speed up our territory's growth. The construction queu will only run when you assign a worker.
    Vikings For Valhalla code

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    Vikings For Valhalla cheats
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    Vikings For Valhalla cheat

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    Our tribesmen have endured much pain and suffering to reach this new continent. It may not be as peaceful, but we trust you can defeat the evil Niflungs! With Odin's blessing, you will surely restore Viking glory! We've prepared a special gift for you. We hope it'll help you on your path to greatness.

    Build an academy. In the academy, we can develop cutting edge technology that will help us develop faster economically and militarily. Increasing construction speed reduces the time required for constructing buildings. Let's start by researching construction speed.
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