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    Power wrought forth from a maelstrom; a front from which the world must and will drink. Many will do so willingly, others by happenstance, and others still by force. Death will follow, and rebirth. Natural conclusions to a supernatural event. Has this world experienced similar happenings in the past? Perhaps. THe learned may attempt to rationalize and deflect, to dig for answers or consult the wisdom of history, but the path forward is not buried in memory. It is forged by action. So, we watch, in hopes this lesson is understood. Time will tell. As will the survivors, should any future generations remain.
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    Select a direction to explore. Be careful though, being too greedy with blood magic can kill your hero! Shadow's Boon - shadow skills deal 25% more damage. Channel - increase spell cost and damage by 25%. One hero has been poisoned. you can remove it, using an antidote. Drag an antidote and drop it on your poisoned hero's portrait. You have a selective recruitment available. You have endlesss chances to recruit the set of 10 heroes that are to your liking. Once confirmed, your choice will be final. The recruitment will only contain 1 SSR hero.

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    Select barracks to view your heroes. Tap attributes to assign points then spend and confirm. Rewards -you can review the available completion rewards here. Battle: for defense, select the elements of your hero to see what skill elements are effective and not effective against them. You earn super from spending MP on skill. Once your bar reached full you can activate super versions of your skills. During combat you can tap on an enemy to view their stats.
    Three Skies code

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    Three Skies cheat

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    Layla - lacks a clear beginning. SHe prefers it that way. Her earliest memories are of fear and misery, but they are ethereal things with little to pin them on. Her parents, whomever they were, left her as an infant at the doorstep of a tavern in Greywatch. SHe was passed from home to institution to temple until she finally decided to set off on her own and make a living however she saw fit.
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