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    Magician - who are proficient in various magic have low HP and somewhat high mana. This class is a strong supporter of allies and leads allies to victory in battle with powerful attack magic. They have the highest level of growth difficulty.
    Knight - a knight with strong defense and high melee attack based on strong physical strength is a reliable tanker for allies in melee combat. They use swords as main weapon. They have normal level of growth difficulty.
    Archer - the archer, who is more proficient in using a bow than anyone else, has a rather low HP, but has strong ranged class that uses simple magic with a bow to subdue enemies before they get close.
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    You can learn a new skill from a skill tome. Each class can learn different skills. Skill tome merchant is selling skill tomes in the village. Check out the skill you have learned just now. I recommend to register and use the skill in the quick slot. You can register certain skills like buffs and use them automatically.
    Touch the quest information tab to move to the place to complete your quest. Battle: you have to select the target to attack. Touch the target button to select the nearby monsters as target. Instead of touching attack button every time, you can hunt auto matically by touching auto next to attack.

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    If you kill another adventurer my mistake, your PvP status will be evil so be careful. You look exhausted a bit. We have something like acceleration potion here in Bysus. You can use them more conveniently if you use the quick slot. After selecting the item, touch the slot in the quick slot to register the item. Drag down the register slot to use it automatically. You can automatically use buff or attack skills or reuse various buff items automatically.
    You have leveled up. Every time you level up, you get bonus stat. It's important to invest bonus stat suitable for your class. In case of knights, they mainly invest in str, archers in DEX and magicians in INT. You will also need CON and WIZ depending on the cases.

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    Touch character information on the top left. Here is the bonus stat you haven't invested yet. Press + button to invest stat. Ah, yes. You have the maximum stat value you can increase with bonus stat. You can fill up the insufficient parts with equipment and buff.

    Touch the minimap and you will find the teleport menu. Touch the list 2 times to find out detailed information of the area. You can pay resources to teleport. Armor is as important as weapon in combats. Equip armor to increase defense ability to successfully evade the enemy attack. There are rare armors among the armors and they have various effects. You'd better check up the craft menu later.
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