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    Yo, Rookie, get your ass outta the crib and heed the words of the great General Jingles. You dumb humans almost destroyed your own world yet still won't stop. Don't be so feisty. Let's reason it out, it's not like you can wrench yourself free from my clutches. Besides, your city is weak just like you, so you'd better upgrade it now before the mutated behemoth swallows you whole. How to upgrade? My sweet Rookie, would you like me to truck you in and sing you a lullaby too? Select the combat path fist. You ain't goone miss the upgrade button. In a word, choose a path - Physical or Elemental - and mos importantly, Upgrade! Upgrade your way up and you'll become the ultimate rookie sooner or later. Please go to the city interface, selet the attack method, then start building and upgrading, and increase the city level.
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    Choose your city combat style: physical style: city has more health, good at battle. Elemental style city has more mana, good at AOE skills, City combat style could be changed when city arrived level 20. Not enough! We left our homeland on a trans continent expedition and will wend our way through the easternmost Border gate. Can you fathom the great risk we bear. Why must you travel through the border gate? Turn back and look at our homeland. Thanks to you, now only death and despair hover over the sands. We united together as the wings of freedom alliance in search of lands not yet sabotaged by your folks so that we can one day fly through the Border gate to shores of hope. But we do have chores like resource farming, mostly done in the wilds. You head to tower ruins up front and hunt down some behemoths.

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    You can give us any polluted fuel that you come across later. Please collect as much as possible. You can head to the city's institute and purify contaminated Urban core to obtain urban core. You can buy gasoline in the store, click to jump shop. Research institute can punfy gasoline, click to jump research institute. You can use training points to increase skill level. Various materials and consumables can be purchased in the store. Your level has improved, and your influence has further increased. As long as you collect enough material, you can purify more urban core in the institute.
    Pandora Survival City code

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    Pandora Survival City cheat

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    Look, that's the Alliance trial arena. You'll receive training score if you can pass the trial and then you cna upgrade the skills. That's how considerate the alliance is. Get your training score to upgrade the city skills and then follow the success sequence to a job, marriage and chi...Ops, wrong script.

    Predatory start when the poison fog envelops the earth. The awaken egg will keep the people safe. As long as the power of hope on the earth is poured into it, it can hatch her. The shell breaking incarnation of hope will dispel the poison fog. Open the way to the sleeping empire. The alliance that has always wanted to counter attack the sleeping empire finally got hope. SO he decided to break the remaining fortress. Let the eggs hatch.
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