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    Good, you're finally awake. Select the Holloweye castellum as out current destination. There is not time to lose, i'll explain everything on the way. There's long read ahead of us, we need to make our way through a lot of guard. Select the first stage now. Let's engage in combat. There shouldn't be much resistance, so this battle will make a good practice. Every hero brings to battle up to three armaments. Each weapon is represented by a single dice during combat. THe first one is unique and bound to chosen hero. Two remaining slots are divided between four categories. As you cans ee, Sir Ralf is using strength and magic armaments.
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    Make sure to choose dice that have synergy with each other. Biting shield and alder staff suit the Knight nicely, so choose them for now. Enemies throw their dice first, but don't act until the end of your turn. This way you can plan your actions. Looking like you're going to take some damage at the end of your turn. Tap the knight dice and biting shield dice to keep them. Now press the reroll button to roll the alder staff dice again. You can do this once per turn, so think ahead. Just what we needed! Now add shields by dragging the Alder staff dice on SIr Ralf. Notice that when you hold a dice with your finger, currently rolled side details are displayed at the top of the screen.

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    As you surely noticed, activating a dice cost you stamina. Stamina costs are displayed on bottom left corner of each dice. Don't worry about it for now. Activate both of your remaining dice in this particular order - drag the knight dice on Sir Ralf to gain Shields, and then the Biting shield doce on the enemy to deal damage equal to your shields. Beautiful combo! You've dealt great damage and still have enough shields to defend yourself. End your turn now. As you can see this time you'll be targeted with a more powerful attack, but we can approach this turn more creatively. Skip the rerolling phase. Spells can tip the odds in your favor if you ue them wisely.
    Dice & Spells code

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    Instead of activating a dice, you can transform it into stamina. Drag the biting shield dice over here to do that. You've collected a duplicate of Sir Ralf hero card in common rarity. Move to heroes tab to upgrade him. Press the highlighted transform button to transform your common cards into an uncommon one. It is more efficient in combat.

    Armaments level up automatically upon collecting enough shards, but you need to buy particular upgrades with mastery points.
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