Gundam breaker mobile Operator Base
  • Gundam breaker mobile Operator Base wiki.

    Buff content that can broadcast directions to Gunplas sortieing for missions, as well as give boosts to Gunplas with specific attributes and active word tags.
    ■How to Set Up
    ①Go to Operator Base from the Home screen (or to Operator Base Set from Form Squad) to be sent to the Edit screen.

    ②Set the attribute and word tag that this operator base will boost.
    Select the AI Pilot that will serve as the operator.
    ④Select the parts (up to 25) that will become base parts.
    Set the operator base you want to activate for your squad from Form Squad.

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    How to Use wiki:
    ①After a mission starts, the impact of the boost effects your operator base gives will increase as time passes.
    ②Tap the Operator Boost button whenever you like. ③The current boost amount when the button is tapped will be given to the Gunplas that have the same attribute and/or word tag as your operator base.
    Ex: Operator base with P Attribute x Protagonist Gunpla
    ・T Attribute x “For Urban Area” Gunpla → No boosts
    ・S Attribute x Protagonist Gunpla → Receives boost
    ・P Attribute x Commander Gunpla → Receives boost
    ・P Attribute x Protagonist Gunpla →Receives 2x boost*Once an operator base’s Operator Boost have been activated, they will be unusable until that mission is over.
    (They will once again become usable when you continue, or when you change stages.)
    Grade Bonus Points

    Gundam breaker mobile Grade Bonus Points wiki:

    Your Grade Bonus Points will be the total of your operator Lv, your base parts’ Lv, and each type of Grade Point bonus.
    Depending on your Grade Points, the growth rate for the amount of boosts your operator base gives during battle will increase.
    When your Grade Points are 1–24, the boost effect will increase by 1% every 20 seconds.
    When your Grade Points are 24–499, the boost effect will increase by 1% every 13 seconds.

    Operator tutorial
    An AI Pilot that commands your operator base.
    Each operator base must have an AI Pilot with the same attribute as that of the base.
    The operator’s Lv will be added to the operator base’s Grade Bonus Points.

    Gundam breaker mobile Base Parts wiki

    A selection of parts that are equipped to an operator base.
    By setting up to 30 parts with high levels to a base, you can raise the speed at which the boost effects given to sortieing Gunplas increases.The total level of your base parts will be added to your operator base’s Grade Bonus Points.■Specific Word Tag Line
    Up to five parts can be set for each line, with the specified four types of word tags. ・Series Match Bonus
    If all five parts set to a single line are from the same series, 50 Grade Points will be added.・Part Type Match Bonus
    If three or more of the five parts in a single line have the same part type, Grade Points will be added.
     3 parts of the same part type → +50 pts
     4 parts of the same part type → +100 pts
     5 parts of the same part type → +150 pts■Free Line
    Set up to ten of any parts of your choosing. ・Same Name/Diff. Atrb Bonus
    When parts set to the Free line share the same part type and name with (but have different attributes from) parts set to a Specific Word Tag line, Grade Points will be added for each part which fulfills those conditions.・Limited Time Bonus
    When parts chosen for operator base boosts are set to the Free line, Grade Bonus Points will be added for each part which fulfills the conditions.
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