Gundam breaker Battle Circuit
  • Gundam breaker mobile Battle Circuit wiki.

    Extremely challenging content where you race to see how many missions you can complete within the time limit.
    Aim for the quickest clears you can!

    ■Unlock Condition
    Unlocked by completing Story Mission 6.

    *There are no EXP or item drops.

    Basic Rules wiki:
    The clear time will be subtracted from the total time whenever you complete a LAP (Battle Circuit limited mission).
    You can receive rewards depending on the number of LAPs you complete before the total time reaches 0.
    The key is to clear LAPs as quickly as possible.

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    Entry Gunpla wiki:
    You will enter one special Gunpla when you attempt each LAP.
    When you clear the LAP, your clear time and entered Gunpla will be recorded, and you will no longer be able to use the parts in that Gunpla during that Battle Circuit.■Usage Count
    Each part has a usage count, with each LAP entry reducing the part’s usage count by 1.
    Parts that reach 0 can no longer be used in the Battle Circuit currently being held.
    (If the entered Gunpla is overwritten by another Gunpla through a replay, you will be able to use it again.)Each part’s usage count is 1 by default, but for each increase in the part’s EX Skill Lv or Part Trait Lv, the usage count will also increase by 1.
    Ex: If a part with EX Skill Lv 5 is used, that part can be used in a total of five LAPs.
    ■Gear Entry
    Gear can be equipped to entered Gunplas.
    As a rule, Gear used once in the current Battle Circuit cannot be used again.

    Gundam breaker mobile Replaying wiki:

    You can replay LAPs that you have completed as many times as you want.
    You will be able to reuse parts that were used with the Gunpla entered in that LAP or parts not registered in other LAPs.
    If you replay a LAP, you can choose to overwrite the recorded clear time and entered Gunpla.
    Try to shorten your time and effectively reuse parts from early stages in the later LAPs.

    Playing as a Crew tutorial:
    Crews are a community-oriented feature that lets you connect with other players.■ Aim
    Crews have a rank-based system.
    Cooperating with other members and raising your Crew Rank will grant you many benefits.■ How to Raise Your Rank
    CP can be obtained through content available to crews.
    The rank of your crew will change according to the amount of CP your entire crew has accumulated.

    Gundam breaker mobile CP wiki

    ■ Benefits to Earning CP
    Aside from simply affecting your rank, CP also determines the reward you receive at the end of each week based on the amount you have acquired compared to your other crew members.
    The higher your crew’s grade, the greater the reward—which can be claimed as soon as your rank is awarded.
    You can check your in-crew CP ranking on the Member List screen.

    ■ How to Acquire CP
    CP can be acquired from the following content:
    ・Crew Achievements
    ・Multi-Missions/Event Multi-Missions
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