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  • Gundam breaker mobile Crew Rank wiki.

    ■ Benefits to Raising Your Rank
    Raising your rank will grant you the following benefits:
    ① Rewards based on your rank that are claimable every week from 5:00 AM JST, Monday.
    ③ A better in-crew ranking reward.
    ③ Better rewards for your crew login bonus.
    ■ Rank Allocation
    Your rank is awarded every Monday at 5:00 AM JST.

    ■ Rank Types
    Crew ranks are split into two different types.
    They begin at Beginner Rank, eventually switching to Expert Rank as they increase.

    ■Beginner Rank
    Beginner Rank will increase when the Total Crew CP obtained by all crew members exceeds a certain amount.

    ■ Expert Rank
    Expert Ranks are distributed according to your crew’s placing compared to the weekly CP ranking of all other crews.
    Higher-scoring crews will receive higher ranks (e.g., the top 0–1% and 1–2% of crews will be given Ranks SSS-1 and SSS-2, respectively).
    Your current rank can be viewed by accessing Ranking Info from the Crew screen.

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    Crew Login Bonus wiki:
    If you’re in a crew, you’ll receive a crew-exclusive Login Bonus once a day when you go to the Crew screen.
    The Login Bonus you receive will differ depending on your rank.

    Crew Achievements tutorial:
    Achievements that can be completed once a week.
    Upon completion, you will be awarded CP, Crew Multi-Ticket, and other training items.
    e.g) Complete the Achievement “Obtain 〇 new parts.””
    by obtaining unowned Parts.
    Parts of the same name (including Alteration
    and different Attributes) will not be counted

    Gundam breaker mobile Crew Shop wiki:

    A shop where you can spend Capital to purchase limited Items.
    The Crew Shop has different Grades, and you can exchange for more items as your Grade increases.
    As the grade is shared among crew members, all members will be able to buy the same new products whenever the shop’s grade increases.

    The shop’s grade will be reset at the same time the Crew Rank is decided, every Monday at 5:00 AM JST.

    ■Raising the Shop’s Grade
    Crew members can raise their shop’s grade by tapping the Raise Shop Grade button and converting unneeded items into points.
    Crew Crystal, which can be obtained from Daily Crew Missions, can be converted into more points than other items.

    Excess points will become Carry-Over Points when the grade resets, and can then be reapplied.

    ■Grade Point Conversion Rewards
    You will receive a 4★ Part Exchange Ticket Fragment x1 for every 2500 Grade Points you receive from converting items.
    *Points from other crew members’ conversions will not be counted.

    Your converted Grade Points will be reset every Monday at 5:00 AM JST.
    You must convert over 2500 points before the reset to receive rewards.
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