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    Experts say: Zipped lips sink ships!
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    Submarine crew: lost at sea?
    Another submarine crew has been swallowed up by the Living infinite this weak - as another expedition into its depths has resulted in a disappearance. What is happening to these crews down there? Despite this, more expeditions are being scheduled, as people around the world race to discover what liest at the deep.
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    host - a submarine expedition! Recruit crew mates or random strangers to join you on a journey to the living infinite.
    join - join an existing submarine crew!
    Catalog - come and spend your hard earned gold on these marvelous and useful adventuring tools and cosmetic items.
    Customization - name, customize, and accessorize yourself and impress your fellow adventurers.
    Relics - of the deep. Come and see all of the amazing and mysterious relics uncovered from the pits of the living infinite.

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    The espadon - a deadly ramming machine of a submarine. High speed, high fuel, low hull integrity, and that insane ram.
    Farmer attire - for those who don't mind getting their hands dirty.
    Prison carbs - straight from the brig - these garbs will showcase your hard tacked side.
    Medkit - keep your crew in tip top shape with this marvelous kit of medical supplies. Also gets fallen crew on their feet much quicker.
    Sword - slice and dice your foes with this simple but powerful old fashioned weapon.
    Bowler hat - a hat fit for only the finest of Bankers, lawyers, and adventurers.
    Six shooter - the fastest gun in the West - it may not be powerful but it sure is quick shooting with 6 whole rounds before needing to reload.
    We Need To Go Deeper code

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    We Need To Go Deeper cheats
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    The atomique (DLC) code - sN4ILeHuC . Introducing the submersible of tomorrow! This DLC will grant you access to this enormous nuclear powered vessel and all its technological wonders.
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    We Need To Go Deeper cheat
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