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    Been wanting to start something up myself, and you d be perfect for it: a massage place. You know, you rub people's bodies, relax them and stuff. Employment contract, Sign here, and there. DOn't worry about the details, buddy. We'll talk it over later. Let's talk about the important stuff. Giving a massage. Get familiar with the place for now, practice if you need, all that jazz. Alright, big guy, let's go over the basics. See all these dots? These are the client's sore spots. Think of your hand like a hammer and carefully pound out their tension.
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    Try it out some more now. Get that blood flowing. When the color changes from red to green, that means the client's feeling good. Once you see a heart, it's time to move on to another spot. The sore spot will change color until it turns green. Once the circle turns into a green heart, it's good to go. But be careful! Those big ol' mitts of yours have a wide reach. Make sure you don't accidentally overdo it and stress out your client. When you use the hammer style, connected points on the body ill be affected. The linked points for your current spot will be indicated with a circle. Looks like there's only one sore spot left. You got this.

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    Alright, so remember how i said to mind your reach? Sometimes you can't use that hammer like hand technique. You gotta go more gently. When you use this motion, you won't affect any other areas. Some places call for a gentle touch, got it? Now keep going until the client looks nice and relaxed. But everyone makes mistakes, so pay attention to this next point. See point that's got an X mark? That means you went too hard and overworked the area. When you see this, open your palm and gently push to soothe the irritation. If you keep massaging a heart zone, it will eventually turn to an X. Should the client have any X areas left at the end of the massage, it will hut your score. Do it carefully, and the area will return to normal again.
    Orc massage code

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    Orc massage cheats
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    Orc massage cheat

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    Once you open for business, clients can come in at any time. When you have a normal client on the table, listen to what they want, yeah? Don't get started until you can tell what they need. It's your job to fulfill their requests perfectly. When you see icon, that means you should get those hands working to the beat. Time your movements just right to satisfy the client.

    This is a slightly different type of massage. Your client's not gonna tell you exactly where to work, so feel around first. Use your instincts , hack tools, cheat codes and training to find where she's hurting. Hold down the left mouse button and move it to search for sore spots on the body. You'll notice the area pulsing a color. I know you're new to this kinda thing, but remember: your job is to satisfy the client.

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