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    Tap start battle and set out to save the world. Warning! We have encountered new enemies. Deploy heroes to battle and win! Hero list shows all the heroes you currently have. Tap to deploy tank hero Patton. Enemy's attack will focus on the front row. Put patton in the front row to endure the damage. Tap to deploy DPS hero achilles. The rear row is relatively safe for damage dealer. Put Achilles in rear row to attack. Combo warrior - all heroes in battle gain increased ATK as their HP decreases. All activation fetters will be displayed in the game. Batton and Achilles triggered the bond of human and warrior. After deployment, tap start battle to enter battle.
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    Hero attacks choose counterpoint target by default. Hero gets mana for dealing or taking damage, they will unleash magic spell when mana is full. Nolan attacks the enemy rear row with powerful skills. Place Nolan in the rear to prevent the enemy from targeting him first. Elf hero basic attacks deal increased DMG, and attacks have a chance to deal 1 extra normal attack. It's a risky voyage. Let's upgrade and transcend heroes with hero EXP tomes, gold, and transcend crystal to improve our fighting ability.

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    You can spend hero EXP tomes and gold to upgrade heroes. Please tap or hold the upgrade to level up your hero. Tap level 20 to quick upgrade hero to level 20. When the transcend button is available, spend transcend crystal to raise hero level cap. Transcend crystal are essential items that can be earned in voyage, adventure, mall purchases, cheat codes and cube relics.
    Enemy reinforcements stand in front of the boss to offer protection. The enemy's front row units are in the middle board. Remember to deal with them first. Dragonling has appeared! She is a cutie who likes treasures and will help us find and protect all types of resources. Tap on the sleeping dragonling.
    Hero Nexus code

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    Hero Nexus cheat

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    Besides core resources like gold and EXP, you can also get various rare resources. You will get more resources faster as you level up. As you progress through adventure chapters, dragonling's level and production will increase.

    Advance hero to improve quality and stats, each advance will cost shards of the same hero. A new powerful boss has appeared, tap on boss strategy to check its special skills. A new powerful leader appears. Click on the leader's strategy to view the leader's special skills.
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