Gundam breaker Crew Credit
  • Gundam breaker Crew Credit wiki

    You can exchange various Items with Crew Credits at the Exchange Shop.
    Crew Credits can be obtained through individual Crew Ranking rewards received every week Monday 5:00 AM (JST), Crew Login Bonuses and more.
    ■Crew Multi-Ticket
    An item that boosts CP received when Sortieing in Multi-Missions.
    Tickets can be obtained from Achievements and more.
    The possessed Ticket amount will reset every week Monday 5:00 AM (JST).

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    Job Grade wiki
    A grade that indicates the degree to which Job Licenses for your AI Pilots have been upgraded.
    ■ Job Grade Pts
    The sum of each AI Pilot’s Part Trait Lv and Proficiency will be added as points to the Job License they are compatible with.
    (If you have duplicates of the same AI Pilot, the highest value among them for each parameter will be added.)■
    Grade Up
    Whenever your Job Grade Points reach a certain amount, the Job License’s job grade will increase.
    Increasing your Job Grade will enable you to use Blueprints to craft Job Gear which will upgrade your Job Licenses.

    Gundam breaker mobile Word Grade wiki:

    A grade that shows the degree to which your parts’ word tags have been strengthened.

    ■Word Grade Points
    For each part that reaches Lv 99, both of its word tags will receive 1 point.
    (If you have multiples of the same part, 1 point will still be added to each of their word tags.)

    ■ Grade Up
    Whenever a word tag’s Word Grade Points reach a certain amount, the tag’s word grade will increase.
    As word grades increase, you will be able to make Word Gear that augments the effect of word tags with Blueprints.

    Gundam breaker mobile wiki: Mission Creation

    Content where enemies, stages, modes, and more can be customized to make original Creative Missions.
    Once shared, created missions can be played by others and receive likes.
    Make your own awesome missions, and aim to get into the rankings!

    ■Unlock Condition
    Unlocked by completing Story Mission 3.

    *Please note that clearing Creative Missions will not contribute to the completion of the Achievements.
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