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    During your 281 days of sleeping the monsters have taken over most of the area. And the last safe zone of the Geaya land will soon be invaded by monsters. As a guardian, you have to gather the heroes. Ward off the monsters and protect the Geaya land. Rebuild a strong and civilized home for the survivors. Before the monsters invaded the Geaya land catch up and destroy them. At this moment, the Constan warriors are on their way to pursue fight for freedom. Fight for peace. Go check out.
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    Hero attacks choose counterpoint target by default. Hero gets mana for dealing or taking damage, they will unleash magic spell when mana is full. Nolan attacks the enemy rear row with powerful skills. Place Nolan in the rear to prevent the enemy from targeting him first. Elf hero basic attacks deal increased DMG, and attacks have a chance to deal 1 extra normal attack. It's a risky voyage. Let's upgrade and transcend heroes with hero EXP tomes, gold, and transcend crystal to improve our fighting ability.

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    Try to slide on the screen to collect coins. Get close to monsters to attack automatically. Oh, no. A giant trunk block the way. Slide and release toward the trunk to trigger dart. Hero - when disasters come, it's the time for heroes to come to the stage. CLick to upgrade the hero and get ready to the real battle. Use coins to upgrade heroes. Have a fight to know how much you have improved. Please choose proper heroes according to the stage. Go to the blacksmith shop to make equipment. Try to forge proper equipment for yourself.
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    Inlay proper gems to bring out the best in your heroes.
    Special stats usually decide the potential of a piece of equipment.
    Releasing artifact skills in the right timing may turn the tide.
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