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    Skyna, a peaceful world far away. Deimonas, the master of CHaos, sought power through destruction. His invasion began the great war of Skyna. Apprentice Holy knight Kayla was one of the people thrown into the brutal war. Suddenly, the sal of the Lapis shattered. Massive power derived from the earth soared up to the universe. THe power has reached a hero in another dimension. The powerful magic of the Lapis is the reason Deimonas invaded Skyna.
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    The power of the Lapis ended the war, but Skyna has fallen to ceaseless chaos. The battle may be over, but fighting a war always leaves battle scars. There;s much more we have do to reclaim our territory. All the buildings have collapsed and not a single one is usable. We will need to construct new buildings. We need to visit the artisan if we want to start building. A territory needs all kinds of buildings. The artisan can be hired separately to construct buildings at the same time. Now that we have the ability to construct buildings, what would you like to build first.

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    Building shop - a shop where you can purchase buildings for training, research, resource production, and various other effects.
    Decoration shop - a shop where you can purchase various decorative objects for your territory.
    Food is our most fundamental resource. We need it to construct buildings and train soldiers. Build and training require more resources at higher levels, so it's important to manage your upkeep. Cavalry are the first soldiers you can mobilize. Training takes time and resources, but training is crucial if you want to muster an army. In combat, your troops become the basis of your combat capabilities. Reducing your training time allows you to add to your military strength and get ahead.
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    Battle: reinforcements are on standby. Once preparations are complete, hero can attack the enemy at a moment's notice. We too, need to rally our troops and enter the battle. Losing our main force can mean defeat for us, so be careful.

    Rewards are given when we complete tasks. Make sure to claim your rewards so you can complete more missions in the future. Keep a close eye on your territory and keep training your soldiers. We are needed in many places.

    We can't rely solely on the magic of Lapis in this war. We need to come up with another plan. The Lapis are in every corner of the land. There will be a limit to how many we can protect. In order to do that, we need to reclaim our territory and secure a path to other regions.

    Survey - a messenger has arrived and asked what you think of the game, my liege. We will do our best to make grand cross W even more enjoyable.

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