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    The watchers' association heard about the situation here and immediately sent a guide over to assist you. Suddenly, a small squirrel appears from behind Dina and starts to carefully examine you. You need to calm down. Go rest up at the watchers' camp. Dwelling on the past won't help you get your revenge. Instead, you should be ensuring such tragedy is never repeated. it's time you recruit a few new teammates for yourself. Now, try and feel the energy of the Qardite and activate it. Then let's wait together for the arrival of your new teammates.
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    Fink is an adept fighter hailing form the Solar Kingdom. He passesses a strong single target skill and will be a powerful ally. Jonna - a powerful mage from the Solar kingdom. Her iconic skill is calling down a blizzard, which deals damage to all enemies and has a chance to freeze them. The nearest demon's lair is at Radiant Plains to the east of the kingdom! If you want to take revenge, that's where you should be heading. Relax, the Circle of the sun's territory is the safest place in the kingdom! Even without the miracle's blessing, those priests would be strong enough to protect the people from any demon attack.

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    When forcing multiple enemies, use Blizzard to attack the all. Select an enemy to cast the skill. Fink's skill bladework is a powerful single target skill. Bladework deals a portion of damage to other two enemies. Always try bladeword when you are gonna take down an enemy fast. Enables you to enhance your warriors to take on more challenges. Remember often to enhance your warriors, or you won't be able to survive formidable enemies. Level up the warrior to make them stronger. Remember to level up the warriors before they enter the battle. High level warriors will win the battle easily.
    Wilderness Fantasy code

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    To help you learn your duties as a watcher, i've got you a list of quests. Complete the quests for milestone rewards.
    Each piece of gear gains more stats at high levels. A warrior wearing several pieces of gear with the same type gains a powerful set bonus.
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