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    THe end come with a terrible flood. As the messenger of God you built the ark saved the surviving animals in the world. You carry them with kindness board the Ark with the lost hope of this world. Fly together to the celestial realm. Bit it doesn't seem to be peaceful here in times of crisis. You jump out with the sheep in your arms. Drag the joystick and walk into the legal formation. Let's go, find the Ark, and hope they all survive. Let's go to the bright array in front of us.
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    Enemies appear in front of you, rush over and crash into them. Dodge the enemy's frontal attack area then bump it away from the side. Attacking the enemy can gain energy. When the energy is full, click the screen to release skills. Each animal has different active skills. Quickly slide the screen in one direction and raise your hand to release the tumbling skills. Different animals have different tumbling skills. There seems to be a teleportation array over there, let's go around and see if we can find other animals. After all is together, go to Mount Olympus and find the gods to report.

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    This is the seal left here by the God of war. Choose one, and you can temporarily get the corresponding power. Fire shock - unleashes a shockwave that deals fire damage to nearby enemies. Freezing - deals additional frost damage when bumping into enemies, slowing them down. Reflect - when an enemy bumbs into you, reflects a significant amount of attack power and knocks nearby enemies backward. Drag and drop the joystick to control the character to crash the enemy. Click the joystick's center to release animal mounts' unique skills. Running and storing power can make your character burst with a more powerful impact. Bypass the enemy's frontal impact to avoid unnecessary damage. Crash and clean everything on the ark, then challenge and defeat the epic boss.
    Harvest Bumpers code

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    Harvest Bumpers cheat
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