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    Monster academy a place of vibrant growth. Where countless talents dwell their renown unrivaled. Alas, a series of disasters and man made misfortunes caused the academy heavy losses nearing bakruptcy. Surrounded by property developers the poor old Principal left this world from the shock. Three brave administrators embarked on a path to seek salvation. Please save our school. We must hurry back to the school.
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    Who dares block the way? They'll have a taste of our power. Let's teach these arrogant enemies a lesson! Just slay the enemy leader to win. Our tutor is the core of the team. Don't let anything happen to me. Students who can be deployed will be raring to go with brightness. As long as they have the energy they need, they can be deployed. Energy increases with time. managing your energy wisely is key to victory in battle. Now command your students and defeat those enemies that would plot to destroy our school.

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    Don't be pre-occupied with your students' positions. Pay attention to your enemies' positioning and numbers too. Labermelon's skills can attack entire enemy columns. Time for Labermelon to deploy. As an outstanding principal, you must know how to exploit the students' specialties, deployment order and their positional abilities. The Devourer's skin is thick and tough - superb in the front row to take a beating for his classmates. The labermelon may be lazy and greedy, but his area attacks are great for assaulting entire enemy columns.
    Monster Academy code

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    It is impossible for the top school in the demon realm to have such weak students. They must become stronger. Shovel these textbooks into their brains, even if you have to use force. Strength in numbers! We should gather more students.
    Rager - weapons specialist who can break through the enemy . Pray and strike the most critical target.
    Warrior- an all round warrior adept at fighting enemie head on.

    After a long period of preparation, we are great honored to invite you join monster academy cheat code. Being a principal, you will take charge of assembling strong monster students, training them and arming them to protect your academy from invaders.
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